Tile Top

ProFusion Industries Tile Top is a marbleized matting product that provides an excellent wear surface for many of today’s anti-fatigue matting applications. The marbleized surface is reliably uniform and offers superior physical properties such as puncture resistance from heels and casters and a non-static surface that cleans up easily. The no-wax surface of the ProFusion Industries Tile Top retains its beauty even in severe wear environments.


Size: 3/32” x 36” and 48”
Roll Length: 40 yards
Single piece guaranteed


Marble Matting | Tile Top Black
Smooth Matting | Smooth Top Dark Gray Marbled
Smooth Matting | Smooth Top Light Gray Marbled
Light Gray
Smooth Matting | Smooth Top Blue
SizeColorBack SurfaceApproximate
Weight (Pounds)
Per Yard
Weight (Pounds)
Per Roll
Warehouse Stock
Product Number
3/32" x 36" x 40 yardsBlack/WhiteSandblast7.014039-44-7020-003
3/32" x 48" x 40 yardsBlack/WhiteSandblast9.218427-88-7020-003
3/32" x 36" x 40 yardsCharcoal GraySandblast7.014039-44-7070-003
3/32" x 48" x 40 yardsCharcoal GraySandblast9.218427-88-7070-003
3/32" x 36" x 40 yardsGraySandblast7.014039-44-7110-003
3/32" x 48" x 40 yardsGraySandblast9.218427-88-7000-003
3/32" x 36" x 40 yardsBlueSandblast7.014039-44-7030-003
3/32" x 48" x 40 yardsBlueSandblast9.218427-88-7030-003

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